11 May 2010

What to do when friends can't post comments in your blog post?

Last week, someone has told me that she can't post comment to my blog post. I then go to settings and check the "Who can post comments?" I chose "Anyone-including Anonymous Users" since she doesn't have the blogger account.

I thought it was okay. But when I opened my account this morning, Kayce had a message in my chat box informing me the same problem about the posting of comments. Oh oh, how can I fix it?! :-l I was looking for the "contact us" button in the bottom part of the page. But I have seen the HELP button only. Tried to search the answer for my question. And I am so glad I found this! And it was just a click with the revert button below as shown.

Sharing this for others to know so whenever they will encounter the same problem it can be fixed easily. I did it in just few minutes.

At first I thought of changing my template because I can't also find an edit button below each post with this template. Now it became easier. I am very much thankful that the idea of looking for the contact us or help button comes first. :-)

NOTE: Just make sure to download your full template to avoid future problems.

Thanks Kayce for the notice. :-))


  1. At last your blog can be commented :)

  2. Your welcome sis! im so glad now I can comment to your posts. Thanks also for the info.


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