22 September 2010


In the year 2001, I got my first cellphone. That was Nokia 5110, I bought it second hand from a former colleague.

The second was a brand new Nokia 3310 which I bought in 2003 when I was in Balabagan, Lanao del Sur.

In 2005, I got my third phone! It is already 5 years old, it's quite old and obsolete. So I am planning to buy another one in November.

Still undecided what to buy. But I think I should try Samsung. Now looking for practical unit suitable for my need. The one that I can use to record scores of my students. Compute grades even if I'm away from school, and something that I can use to type my reports in school. A gadget that is not as heavy as my notebook computer.

Saving this photo and link for personal reference.

21 September 2010

Talented Kids

Dance sports competition at school on Saturday. Aren't these kids look like a PRO?

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Adsense Name Correction

Got an answer of my controversial question, "How to change adsense name?" I got a problem on this lately because my name in the national statistics office is misspelled! As advised by our company lawyer, I need to follow what is recorded at NSO. Recently, I am filing for correction on my records and documents. And one of these is my Adsense name.

Here's how in case you have friends or anybody you know who is having the same problem of mine.

1. Go to "My Account" on blogger.
2. Log-in with your google email and password.
3. Click "My Account" tab.
4. Scroll down to payment details, click edit, and click continue.
You will be led to the next page after clicking continue.
5. There you can enter your complete name and save.

15 September 2010

Making Use of Junk Items

The materials you have seen are junk. Yes they are! Including the electrical meter. It was taken beside CEBECO III or Cebu Electric Company office. The idea of putting or preserving this items here was unique. Maybe nothing can be exposed of these things, so they make use of adding them in the landscape.

It have given me the idea on what am I going to do with my old stuffs that can't be sold and don't have enough space for them. Soon I'll be working with my garden, I can include some stuffs in there.

10 September 2010

The Taxi Driver's Best Friend

Last month, I ride a taxi going to my destination. While on my way, I heard a plastic sound coming from the lower left side of the diver's seat. I look at the driver with a lot of questions on my mind. Maybe he was thinking too that I'm wondering what would that be. Then he said, it's a cat, our guard, our protector. He placed it inside a plastic and lose it when needed. I was astonished and ask why you are bringing him with you? Silence...

He was a retired policeman who just don't like to stay at home and wait for the day to end. He's not that old. So, he is driving a taxi. He used to have a firearm before and of course used to it. But not this time anymore because he is bringing with him his precious cat. I was curious why this cat? He said, his cat can protect him and his passengers from bad guys. He also mentioned that everyday after bath he is training this cat how to fight. When violent actions are seen by this cat, he will begin to fight.

Amazing but scary. Before I stepped down, he added, here's the water for my cat and also his food. I walked with a lot of questions in my mind. How does the cat looks like? How did he train his cat to that field? It seems like I was dreaming on that moment.

07 September 2010

Increase Your Website Traffic

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04 September 2010

Kumbira 2010

Kumbira is a Visayan or Cebuano term for banquet.

The logo above was taken from COHARA's (Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association) website. Click it and you'llbe redirected to their site.

My Aunt, an HRM professor at MSU's satellite school in Lanao del Norte together with some students joined "Kumbira 2010" on August 18-20, 2010 at Cagayan de Oro City. Kumbira was held at The Atrium, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

My little sis(on the phone) and her classmates in HRM also joined in some competitions. Here they pose at Kumbira Express.
Another photo with her chums. Still talking to someone on the phone. :-)

Floor Plan for Small Areas

Since when I knew about house planning, it became a hobby. I always sketch for my dream house. When I was still in a boarding house, I already had a dream plan. It's floor area was about 100 sq. m. with preparation for 2nd floor. I never thought it was expensive. When the money allotted for the said project was on hand, I realized that my plan will not be realized due to high cost of construction materials.

It was revised. I had a pencil sketch on this, before I knew Computer Aided Drafting. It started with a 25 sq. m. floor area. The kitchen found at the right side was the added last. It is only 3.75 sq. m. which makes the floor area 28.75 sq. m.
Traffic is not only for the road and other ways but also inside the house. As you can see, even how small it is, the traffic pattern takes a smooth flow. If a person passes through the main door to the bedroom or to the t & b, he can not disturb the living area as well as the dining area. If one has to pass through the back door still both areas mentioned can never be disturbed.

I have been in the boarding house in about 7 years before its construction. My brothers and sisters in the other islands of the country sometimes visit. And I find it hard to accommodate them in my rented room. We sleep like fish in a can of sardines for how many times. It wasn't comfortable though. Now at least even if it is still small, it is spacious compared to my room in the boarding house.

03 September 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday 14

Thank God it's Friday! It time to wash away the dust of day to day life and the hectic weekday schedule. I want to go to the beach this weekend.

My sky photo is too small. Hmm, I promise to get a bigger one next time.

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