30 May 2010

Blue Monday 2

Blue Waves
I hope it will be accepted :-)
Another painting done by my college friend Charles. We met again on May 29, 2010 for our first batch reunion after 11 years we graduated in college. In my previous posts I featured one of his paintings. He was happy about it and he asked me to post his face so there it is! It's him in the picture in the lower right portion of the painting.

A little blue here. :-)
As you can see he is also very active. I think he was the one who arrives first in the venue.

Is there a blue here? Hmmm oh there's the jeans. :-)
It's Charles and his wife and their child joining the reunion.

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Mellow Yellow Monday 2

Chocolates all the way from Singapore. My lil Sis gave all these for me. Well, I love chocolates but not too much.

My all time fav here is the yellow one, the Toblerone :-) Yum, yum, yummy.

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T-shirt Design

It's been years when we (old friends) separate from our previous employer for another venture in life. But that resignation doesn't mean leaving everything behind rather it's a beautiful start of keeping the friendship alive no matter how far life may lead us.

Hinulawan festival in our city is fast approaching, and it became our usual get together time. This coming June 12 will be another get together. We will be having a reunion again. Before, we just wore casual shirt when we met, but this time we have decided to have a t-shirt for the said event. I've made a simple design at spreadshirt.net.

I always love simple but elegant design. Each will have to give a shirt and 50 pesos for the printing charge and those who do not have the shirt will give 150 pesos (it includes the printing fee).

Here are other colors for them to choose from.

More samples will be posted soon. I'll just forward the link if it's done.

27 May 2010

I Love Pink


Preparing my stocks of cartolina for the new school year. 2 violet, 4 blue, 3 green, 4 yellow, 8 white and 9 pink! Pink got the highest number. :-)

Looking at the Sky on Friday 2


Sorry, my phone cam is not that good :-(

A little blue sky and a lot of white and gray clouds taken at Holy Rosary Family Farm School, Tanibag, Pinamungahan, Cebu.

25 May 2010

Flowers for their Golden Wedding Anniversary

This coming May 27, 2010 my late father's elder brother-my Uncle and his one and only wife will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Hilongos, Leyte.

My cousin called up this afternoon asking me to buy some yellow and white flowers here in Cebu for the said event. I was thinking what flowers would it be? For the bouquet, for the table and for the sides of the isle of the church. I made a deep research and gathered them here. :-)

source: http://api.ning.com/
Isn't it lovely? I love it for my Aunt's bouquet.

source: http://www.ftd.com/
This arrangement will be for the sides of the isle.

source: http://www.mollymalloys.com/
This arrangement can be used for the dining table. And I'll make baby version of this to save space.

24 May 2010

Blue Monday 1

My first Blue Monday.

Taken at Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines.
It's the first ride we had in there.

The huge Blue balloons carried us in this up up and away ride.

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Mellow Yellow Monday 1

A dance presentation offered to the Augustinian Recollect Sisters who already resigned from work. After their resignation they will live in the Mother House located at Tagaytay City, Philippines. We visited them and offered them a short program during our educational tour.

From left to right, I am at the second. We rented our costumes at USJ-R Cebu City and it happened that the yellow dress only fits to small and medium frames. My size fits to yellow and I like it too.

Sta. Rita College
We also presented the same dance number at Sta. Rita College, Manila during their 100 years Celebration. Aside from enjoying the tour, we also feel like we came as performers.

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23 May 2010


Are you fond of using jejemon language like spelling and grammar? It has been featured in ABS-CBN news this evening about the rampant use of jejemon terms by young Filipinos. I do not use such style but I often received messages like jejeje.

The Department of Education is worried about this very common way of texting especially the young Filipinos. The secretary of education made mention that students must be discouraged in using jejemon terms. One reason is that it will deteriorate their language skills both Filipino and English.

The Sunken Cemetery

Scenic Sunday 1
The Sunken Cemetery (Camiguin Island, Philippines).

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Scenic Sunday

22 May 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday 1


The cottony sky on our Camiguin Island trip.

The sky looks so soft.

Mt. Hibok-hibok (the bigger Mt.) is an active volcano as it continues to manifest seismic activity.

The Tres Marias beside Mt. Hibok-hibok appeared a little bit darker since the sky up 'em seems heavy. These three volcanoes are inactive since they don't have continuous records of eruption.

20 May 2010

Our New City Hall

The new City Hall of Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines.

This picture was taken while we were walking under the heat of the sun going to the City Hall. We went there to get our local allowance. This is the second time I received an allowance from the government. It's quite far from the highway so it takes few steps to reach there. This is my first time here since the first was in the old one.

The architecture inside was impressive, but I was in hurry for another appointment and I wasn't able to take shots. I hope to come back and get good photos.

Samsung S5230W Star WiFi

It's been years when I wasn't able to buy a new phone. I tried to search in google a phone with wifi, touch screen and with camera. Since I also planned to buy a digital camera. I tried to include it in the detail. And this is what I have found best that suits my need.
It's price is 10,500. I have to check my wallet balance if it's extra is enough for this. And while browsing I am also looking for another seller hoping I can find lesser than the price. :-)

19 May 2010

Ardent Hot Spring Camiguin

(L-R) Sweet and I

A photo taken at the landmark of Ardent Hibo-Hibok Hot Spring of Camiguin Island.
(L-R) Sweet and I again.

It's nice to end the tour with the hot bath. :-) We really have enjoyed swimming with the hot water.

17 May 2010

Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin Island Philippines

Katibawasan falls can be found at the quiet and beautiful Island of Camiguin, Philippines. This falls is natural. The water is clean and cold. Wish I was able to swim even for a little while. But were only given 30 minutes stay since we still have another tourist spots to visit.

From left to right - Sweet(a new friend), myself, Caloy(a former colleague), and Charles(Caloy's kid)

Dinah(Caloy's wife) took this picture. It's a beautiful nature with these posing beautiful creatures of God too :-)

Calamay sa Jagna

On May 15, 2010 at Jagna, Bohol, my two former colleagues joined hands together in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. I was one of those who witness in their marriage vow and their "I dos." That was my second time in Bohol. And for the second time around I was able to buy and eat this yummy Calamay at Jagna.

I just bought few dishes because we still have to travel and tour at Camiguin, Island after the wedding.

It's ingredients are coconut milk, malagkit rice (ground), and sugar and it makes a yummy calamay.

13 May 2010

Searching for Female Songs

Recently, I am searching for nice female songs both national and international for my collection. Hi friends out there, have any suggestion? If you do please drop a comment, it would be appreciated. Thank you very much! Happy blogging! God Bless!!!

The following are already in my folder.
1. Just Dance-Lady Gaga
2. Pyramid-Charice Pempengco
3. You Belong with Me-Taylor Swift
4. Love Story-Taylor Swift
5. Love Games-Lady Gaga
6. 21 Guns-Green Day with American Idiot Casts
7. Picture to Burn-Taylor Swift
8. Reflection-Christina Aguilera
9. God's Will-Martina McBride

12 May 2010

Hershey's Giant Bar

Thanks to Julie Ann for the super Milky-Creamy Hershey's chocolate! I Love it!

Election Day 2010

Scenes at 6:30 A.M. during the election day.
The picture above shows people who were looking for their names in the list. Following the instruction given by the BEI that each voter have to list down their precinct number and the sequence number for faster processing.

While they were still searching for their names, I already got my priority number. It's number 10! I was so glad since the first batch to vote will be 10 people and I was included.

At exactly 7 A.M. the voting has started. I wait for my turn patiently outside the polling place. I was last in the line of batch 1. When my number was called I then give my priority number, precinct number and

sequence number and I received my ballot. After few minutes I finished shading ovals for my choices completely. I was the fourth to feed ballot on the PCOS machine. It was fast and easy.

Testing and Sealing of the PCOS Machine

The PCOS machine. Taken on May 8, 2010 during the testing and sealing.

The testing was smooth and we never encounter any problem. There were 10 trial ballots distributed to the people who were present. They tried to make a little fold on the ballot and it was still accepted. Another voter shaded ovals more than the specified number of candidates and it was still accepted by the machine. But during the manual counting that we did to check if it will match the printed election returns, we have proven that over voting ballots will never be counted. We heard it in the news too. We also have one rejected ballot during the trial voting. That ballot was from a youth who just make a dot at the center of the oval, and all of us inside the polling place have proven it's result.

The picture below shows the printing of the E.R. in 8 copies both national and local results. It was fast and easy.

Funny Lil Sis

I have seen this picture at my lil sis' college classmate's friendster account. I don't know what she's doing here or maybe just having fun with the cam.

She used to be my little sister who is now bigger than me. Her name is Sal.

Sal was 6 when Mama rests with the Lord and she was 7 when Papa died. My Aunt (papa's younger sister) somewhere in Lanao del Norte take care of her since Grade One up to College. We are super thankful to her as well as her whole family. She really is God's given instrument in replacement to our beloved parents.

Just this morning Sal arrived from Singapore in her 6 months On-the-Job-Training in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She had her OJT at Sentosa Island in SG with her classmates too.

Welcome home 'day :-)

11 May 2010

What to do when friends can't post comments in your blog post?

Last week, someone has told me that she can't post comment to my blog post. I then go to settings and check the "Who can post comments?" I chose "Anyone-including Anonymous Users" since she doesn't have the blogger account.

I thought it was okay. But when I opened my account this morning, Kayce had a message in my chat box informing me the same problem about the posting of comments. Oh oh, how can I fix it?! :-l I was looking for the "contact us" button in the bottom part of the page. But I have seen the HELP button only. Tried to search the answer for my question. And I am so glad I found this! And it was just a click with the revert button below as shown.

Sharing this for others to know so whenever they will encounter the same problem it can be fixed easily. I did it in just few minutes.

At first I thought of changing my template because I can't also find an edit button below each post with this template. Now it became easier. I am very much thankful that the idea of looking for the contact us or help button comes first. :-)

NOTE: Just make sure to download your full template to avoid future problems.

Thanks Kayce for the notice. :-))

Pictures of Me

When vanity strikes :-)

Click the photo to enlarge.

Photoscape helped me make a collage of my photos. I did this while having my duty at the cafe.

Our Small Business

It was set up on march 18, 2007. We only rent in this place. It is about 3 kilometers away from home. It is where I relax, blog, listen to music while waiting for user's time to end. :-) It is more comfortable doing online business here than at home.

Blue in different tones is my favorite color as you can see in the wall and the computer tables May husband and I painted it. I applied paint on the edges and he used his roller brush for the bigger portion. We did it every year or if the need arises.


In front of my PC now, tired and don't exactly know what to do. I am still exhausted after serving the 2010 Philippine National Elections. That was almost 27 hours to get things done.

At 3am on May 10 we were already at the COMELEC to get the things needed for the election. We only have to get the ballot, ballot box and some stocks needed since PCOS machines were already kept in the school after the testing and sealing that was done on May 8, 2010.

Before the sun gets high we were already in the polling place ready to serve the 980 voters from 5 precincts that was clustered into one. I never thought it was as tough as it was. At first it runs smoothly but when a huge number of people attacked us and are all excited about the first automated election and the shading thingy, all of them wants to be first even though they were given priority numbers. I was disappointed actually of their violent reactions. Well it's part of the game and I could not blame them. Of course who would like them to wait for long? We are also trying our best just to cater them all. With the 5 precincts into one?

Anyway, there is always the first time. I hope that in the next automated election, the number of voter's in each polling place would be lessen.

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there! And to my Mom who is already in God's loving arms.

08 May 2010

Gumamela Flower

Gumamela. This is commonly known as Hibiscus in Malaysia. Hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower. It is still a beautiful though it doesn't have the fragrance like other flowers do.

This is an oil painting done by a college colleague named Charles Redillas. As you can see in the lower right corner, his name is printed in script. When we were in college, I knew he has the talent but I never realized that it is this great! Aside from this, he also have a lot of different paintings but with meaning and value. He is always after of the quality of his work and not by quantity.

He is also selling his painting. In fact, he have sold around 10 already, I am not sure about the exact number. Thank very much for reading this brief info. I'll be posting more of his work of art soon.

07 May 2010


This morning my message inbox was bombarded with a lot of text messages about the sun. The sun? What happen to sun that I really need to stop and look at the sky? Hmm let me check!

When I went out, people were there too looking up the sky wearing their sun glasses. Others were taking pictures. That was quite hot and I just didn't bother staying outside for long. I went back to my desktop and continue blogging :-). But I got a photo from a friend who was able to capture it. The two images are both raw/unedited as what she said. What can you say about this photos?

What is this? Sun with a halo? A sun crowned with a rainbow? It's amazing! There are a lot of photos we can find in the internet too but this is different. Well I guess astronomers can answer people's question about this mystery that appeared in the sky of Toledo , Cebu City, Philippines today (May 7, 2010) and maybe in other Cities too or in the whole Philippines as well.

Sideways Smiley Face

Smiley Circles Filled Up Big Eyes Images

Emoticon. Sideways smiley face :-). This is commonly used in email, chat and even text messaging. A lot of people asked me about this already. When, why and how it was discovered. Well, anyway, they weren't that serious when they asked.. So I just forgot about it.

While having my blog-walking routine I come across to this site, layoutsparks.com. and was hypnotized by the beautiful wall of smileys. I simply copy the code and paste it here as instructed. When posting was done, I noticed that the smileys doesn't have the nose. Then I began to think about the question some people asked me about. Why, when and how it has been discovered.

Hmmm...With the right keyword, it is just google away. Crazy but true that I really look for the history of this 3-character emoticon. And in my deep research, I found out that the sideways smiley face was invented by a research professor in Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh, PA.

Here comes the history. By the early 80's, the Computer Science department at Carnegie Mellon was utilizing technology for their bulletin board. In fact, they were really making heavy use on it. Many of the posts were humorous (or attempted humor) but few of the readers failed to get the joke. Hence, various "joke markers" were suggested, and in the middle of their discussion Fahlman thought about the idea and suggested that a series of these three characters :-) can be a great solution. Then he also added the use of :-( (for serious matters or sad emotion.) It was caught on rapidly around the campus and spread to other colleges and universities.

Few months later, everyone begins to to see different faces of smiley. But :-) remains the original version of Scott.

06 May 2010

Snow White (Oil on Canvass)

Yesterday I was sorting out things in my cabinet I found this painting that I've made last year. This is my first oil painting on canvass ever. A friend named Marvin Natural was the one who gave me the painting materials. He was my classmate in college who has the passion of letting the brush illustrate what his mind contains. I was inspired looking at his huge paintings . He has a lot in his home.

Hmmm...I remember, it was my students notebook where I copied this picture. And I wasn't able to finish it since I need to return it the following Monday. I did it on Saturday! Perfect ! That's Saturday. I also recall that in the following day there was a small insect who crawls along the wet paint from the blue paint down to the yellow skirt. If you notice the blue stain in her yellow skirt.

I thought of finishing this memorable painting. But how? Oh..oh..I am not sure if I can finish it without the guide. I could not perfectly decide what color will I use. Which of the available colors will best suit to her face and arms. And her eyes! I was able to consume all the donated black paint in the tube. Hmmmm...a little a time. I will do it! I can do it! Whenever it's done I promise to post it here for all of you.

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