13 January 2014

The Late Guadalupe Rabe Ruiz Balares

It's my Lola Guadalupe Rabe Ruiz Balares' second death anniversary. I miss her, everybody is missing her. Who would not remember this super kind, gentle and loving grandmother all of us forever have. She may have left us physically but her thoughts as the best mother remains in our hearts will we will forever hold it inside.

Featured in PLDT mag Arts Section

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12 January 2014

Class Ring

Git a free key holder from Suarez where I bought my professional ring. But I'm not using is for my keys because I already have one from SG. A token given by my sister who went there for her OJT at Sentosa.
 photo 1510495_10201153809756585_109774347_n.jpg
Free key holder from Suarez
The ring that symbolizes success. I am wearing it now in my ring finger. I love seeing this ring for it reminds me the fruit of my labor when in college. That was tough and I thought if it will happen again, I am not sure anymore if I can surpass all the barriers to reach the top. Well, I maybe feeling that because I am now old and can't bear the hardship like that in my younger age anymore.
 photo 5599_10201153809276573_19256522_n.jpg
My Ring

03 January 2014

Yellow Fruits

New year is not over yet.Fruits were consumed and here is a new set of fruit for life. Banana, apple and mango are what we crave for too after the fruit eating on January 1. But all were already consumed. Here is a replacement. Fresh and light. Yellow, I mean.Behind is the parade of foods and beverages given by a relative from abroad. The nutella, apple tea, coffee and the honey. The novellino wine was a gift but not consumed yet because we have the maria clara.
 photo 522419_10201153776875763_1579465946_n.jpg

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