27 August 2010

Perfect Combination

Blue and yellow is a perfect combination. I'm glad they go together :-). The yellow one looks like the yellow taxi at Mactan International Airport.

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21 August 2010

Roy's Birthday Celebration

A Saturday treat by my former student in fourth year high school Roy (in yellow) who once became my colleague. He celebrated her birthday at Park Place Resort on Saturday, August 21, 2010. Actually, his birthday was on the 17th but celebrated on the 21st since it's Saturday and everyone is free from work.


A year ago, I bought a domain from GoDaddy.com with domain name austerebelle.com. I thought it was easy as what I expect but I was wrong. :-( So I just leave it behind with my few $ lost. I'm not familiar about hosting yet and other things needed for my site. Now, I wish to continue using it but I don't know how, when and where to start. I need help.
Found something useful from ehow. http://www.ehow.com/how_5080300_set-up-godaddy-domain-blogger.html . It's all about setting up goDaddy domain with blogger.

Drafting and Technology

The love to draw occurs when I was in early years of school. Then, developed when I was in high school where Trade Drawing subject was offered. After high school I took Architectural Drafting and get a bachelor's diploma after four years. My first on-the-job-training was on summer 1998 at RS and Sons Shipbuilders. Another venue for my OJT was on the first semester of school year 1998-1999 at Cebu 3rd Engineering Department and at TEC, Industries (furniture exporter) on the second semester. The experiences I have with them was short yet unforgettable. I learned a lot of things on those days but not with CAD.

CAD was introduced during college days but that was not widely used at that time in our school. I can still remember the first AutoCAD application we were able to use, it was AutoCAD version 1998. We only have one computer unit in our laboratory at that time. So, only one student can use it in a day. Our professor arranged it like alphabetical order so that he can easily monitor and make sure that everyone can experience computer drafting.

In the school year 2001-2009, I've been teaching drafting but the manual one. Well, I have mentioned about CAD to my students but they were not able to experience using it. It's not because, we do not have the computer nor the program but because it is integrated in their computer subject.

Recently, I am enrolling a master's degree major in Architectural Drafting. It doesn't matter if I am teaching Filipino subject when I first enrolled. That was last year. By hook or by crook I will finish the course whatever subject will be given to me. :-) This year, my subject load is Information and Communication Technology or ICT in first year and third year high school. Uhm, well, I love it! And I am actually very happy about it. But I still dream that someday I will be able to teach drafting so I can exercise and share my knowledge in AutoCAD before it gets obsolete.

20 August 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday 12

Looking at the sky while approaching to Sentosa. One of my sister's collection while having her On-the-Job-Training in Singapore. This is also one of my dreams that I can also visit this so called Asia's favourite playground.

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19 August 2010

Free Diamond Earrings For You

How many pairs of diamond earrings do you have? Well, me? I don't have any so I joined this contest. They are giving away free diamonds to deserving winners. It's another contest I joined online. Like other women do, I also love DIAMOND EARRINGS. How about you? Do you love diamonds too? If you do, follow this link and join us in this venture.

14 August 2010

Express Yourself


It's Sunday! It's time for mylot. It is also another site where I enjoy socializing and at the same earning through my daily activities. Isn't it rewarding? :-)) It is also a place where we can exchange ideas with other people throughout the globe.

Pasigarbo 2010

Toledo City joins Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2010.
Consolatrix College represents Toledo in Pasigarbo sa Sugbo held at Cebu International Convention Center on August 14, 2010. There were 32 contingents who joined from different municipalities of Cebu. Each presented it's own Municipal or City festival. Toledo City presented the Hinulawan Festival of Toledo City.

The presentation started at exactly 6:40 P.M. few minutes after Governor Gwen Garcia together with Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. arrived.

They got the 5th place! Congratulations Toledonians/Consolatricians!

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Have a blue and mellow yellow Monday everyone!

12 August 2010

Weesha's World Giveaway

Weesha's World is offering a great giveaway!

To join :

Be a follower of Weesha’s World or be a fan of Weesha’s World on Facebook.

Don't forget to leave a comment on her post with your name and email address.

You can also have an extra chance to win if you blog about her contest. Just leave your link in her page to let her know.

This contest is open to all those who are interested.

The deadline for the submission of entry will be on August 18.

Sky Photos

A school inside a forest. I went ahead of them, lol. I need to go down earlier because I still have to travel and need to catch-up the bus at 4:20 PM or else I will be able to go home at 5. It's already late. Students live just nearby anyway.

While waiting for the bus, I spotted the sky at the adjacent lot. It is the elementary school under this beautiful sky.

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Free Personal signatures - cool!


09 August 2010

100 Posts

This is my 100th post "Centennial post!" here in blogger with 44 followers and 1,676 page visitors from 77 countries around the world. I would like to thank my blogging community for your continuous visit in my simple blog. Well, it's not that huge but it really made me blissful today. :-)) Your solicitude encouraged me to continue sharing pure thoughts with you. Again, thank you for walking in, for following and for dropping inspiring comments on my blog posts! No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to all. Have a nice day!

Anyway, are you familiar of Mylot? I just received my first payment of $25.89 from them. Actually, the payment was sent on July 15, 2010 but I just checked it today! Last June 2010 was the last time I logged in to my Paypal account. And today is already August 9!

If you haven't come across with this site, let me tell you a brief information about it. Mylot is a social networking site where you can extend your horizon of friendship. You can upload photos, post discussions and give valuable comments to other peoples post. You and your friends can discuss thoughtful topics here when at the same time both of you are earning.

If you love to socialize, Mylot is a perfect place for you.

Steps in signing-up is fast and easy.

You can join here anytime you want to.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

08 August 2010

Colorful Week

is here!

Jurong Bird Park in another tourist attraction in Singapore. This is now a world-renowned bird zoo. As what my sister said, there are specimens of majestic bird life from around the world here, including a pack of one thousand and one flamingos. Wish I can visit this excellent place someday. :-) Anyway, I found this photo from my sister's album but it was dark, just edited and made it brighter.

I'm so glad there's blue in this picture. :-)
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May you have a colorful week ahead!

07 August 2010

Massage Sofa?

"The world's first little massage sofa." I was struck by this phrase printed on this unique vehicle. I actually have seen this picture at my sister's colleague at Singapore. Just edited it a little.

It made me a little bit curious so I tried to search it in google and youtube and I have seen a video of the model of this uSoffaPetit named Lin Chi Ling. The short video above shows how it works.

05 August 2010

ICT T-shirt Design

Trying to make a simple design for my ICT students at DASNHS. I'm not sure if this will look good in the actual print. I made this design at spreadshirt. We can costumize our design in this site as much as we want. They have the design and text suggestions too. These help us make it faster in making an output.

Well, this is just a trial design. I am still thinking of another simple and affordable. And I will add it here.

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Looking at the sky outside Gaisano Grand Mall here in our City.

Looking at the adjacent lot of the Mall making the sky as the main subject of the photo. :-)

The exit area of the Mall.
Looking at the sunset.

Sometimes we just need to look up and see the beauty above. I'm not sure if my photos look beautiful in you eyes. Hehehe But you can see more beautiful sky photos here
or here.

04 August 2010

Anapora at Katapora

Been wandering around sites google have given when I searched for the meaning and example of anapora and katapora. Both are derived from English words anaphora and cataphora. These are called reference or pagpapatungkol.

Here are some examples taken from pinoyhenyo:

Pumasok ang kanyang guro. Siya ay nagsalita nang ganito.

Anapora - panghalip na ginagamit sa hulihan bilang pananda sa pinalitang pangngalan sa unahan.
Katapora - panghalip na ginagamit sa unahan bilang pananda sa pinalitang pangngalan sa hulihan.

I've been searching for this because this will be the topic that I am going to have with my second year students tomorrow. Teaching Filipino isn't that easy. There are a lot of unfamiliar words that's quite difficult to understand than English. I just need to do my best and use all resources available because our school head trusted me that I can manage handling the subject. Well, I only have one Filipino subject. The rest are ICT (Information and Communication Technology), two sessions in first year and one in third year. I love teaching computer because it's fun and easy.

03 August 2010

Soda Water Swimming Pool

It's another swimming pool in Camiguin Island. But it's different because the water tastes like soda. it has been said that, this is the only soda water pool in the Philippines.

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02 August 2010

Nature in the Dish

Some materials for the dish gardening.

It's another highlight of the event on July 30, 2010. These are some entries of the dish garden contest. Participants were given at least an hour to finish their entry. It is an on-the-spot contest so contestants were all in a hurry to finish their work on time. But they have to make sure their garden will look pleasing in the eyes of the judges. :-)

If you are to judge who do you think would win in this contest?





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