04 August 2010

Anapora at Katapora

Been wandering around sites google have given when I searched for the meaning and example of anapora and katapora. Both are derived from English words anaphora and cataphora. These are called reference or pagpapatungkol.

Here are some examples taken from pinoyhenyo:

Pumasok ang kanyang guro. Siya ay nagsalita nang ganito.

Anapora - panghalip na ginagamit sa hulihan bilang pananda sa pinalitang pangngalan sa unahan.
Katapora - panghalip na ginagamit sa unahan bilang pananda sa pinalitang pangngalan sa hulihan.

I've been searching for this because this will be the topic that I am going to have with my second year students tomorrow. Teaching Filipino isn't that easy. There are a lot of unfamiliar words that's quite difficult to understand than English. I just need to do my best and use all resources available because our school head trusted me that I can manage handling the subject. Well, I only have one Filipino subject. The rest are ICT (Information and Communication Technology), two sessions in first year and one in third year. I love teaching computer because it's fun and easy.

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