27 March 2011

Blue Rubberized Print

It's been 4 years when a friend Ayen had her section's shirts printed. That was pink printed with wet look navy blue textile paint. As I remember I was the one who made decided the design.

Now it's still blue, it's an emboss paint, royal blue. But this time in white shirt. This is for the special science class in their school. I hope she'll like it. It will be delivered tomorrow thru 2GO.

I'm linking this with BLUE MONDAY. A meme that I missed for several Mondays already. March is indeed a busy day for me. There are a lot of forms to accomplish before the school year ends.

26 March 2011

XCONS Reunion on their Graduation Day

Lezel's elementary students, Irene's first year high school students, Tej's and my second year students years ago in their graduation cap. The ceremony was held on March 25, 2011, just last night. Congratulations to all of them. May they continue to soar high with God's guidance. May they will never forget where they reap the fruit they are now receiving. As the Filipino saying goes, "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay 'di makakarating sa paroroonan." ...and I agree. Anyway, they are all good shepherds in the vineyard of the Lord.

EXCONS means former Consolatrician. We had a reunion after the graduation ceremony.

20 March 2011

Everything You Do

by: Christian Bautista

I love the way you smile
When I look in your eyes
I love the way you laugh
When I try to be funny
And how a tear rolls down your face
When I say no one could
ever take your place.

And baby when you sleep
I watch you breathing
And baby when you dream
I dream with you
Cause everywhere you are is where
I wanna be
It's true everything you do
Makes me know how much I love you.

The way you touch my lips
Right after every kiss
And softly whisper
That I'm your everything
The way you pray
Our love won't die
Every night just before you
Close your eyes.

And baby when you sleep
I watch you breathing
Baby when you dream
I dream with you
Cause everywhere you are is where
I wanna be
It's true everything you do
Makes me know how much I love you.

And I believe some things are
meant to be
As sure as there is love
yours is meant for me.

Baby when you sleep
I watch you breathing
Baby when you dream
I dream with you
Cause everywhere you are is where
I wanna be
It's true everything you do
Makes me know how much
I love you.(2x)

I love this song very much!

14 March 2011


After lunch yesterday, I relaxed for a while then go to sleep after few minutes. That was about 2 P.M. when I got to bed, leaving all the things that made me too tired for weeks. The deadline for those projects are near, I need to double time or else...

That was Sunday, but it was never a rest day for me. I just fall asleep to recharge. And promised to go back to work when conditioned to do things. I set my alarm at 3 P.M. I need to finish my research proposal then the reaction papers. One at a time mode. :-) I also have to finish the school layout plan in some other days this week. The alarm rings, I was still very sleepy. But because I need to stick to the plotted plan, I forced myself to rise and work for it. My eyes were not completely opened yet when I stood beside my body. I was beside my body! I saw my body left, lying on the bed. OMG! Am I dead or am I just dreaming? I lie again and were my body was. I slept again few minutes then tried to rise again looking at the bed, I can't really carry my body. So, I decided to sleep again. I woke up at 5 P. M. It's too late but at least I am full of energy.

It made me think many times, what if my soul did not return to my body? Where will I be this time? Why did it happen? Too many unanswered questions.

11 March 2011

Let Us All Pray Together

Dear Jesus, we fervently pray for your intercession so that our nation will be spared from a threatening earthquake and tsunami. Save us from further calamities by embracing our nation with you proctective grace and merciful blessings.

Pass on to start prayer brigades.

09 March 2011

Rural and Urban Development Seminar Workshop

Group 2 batch 2 :-) The group where I luckily belong. I'l surely miss this group.

First Batch of Speakers (Sitting)
(From L-R) Ms Indino-Manila Bulletin, Ms Rosal-Office of the Ombudsman, Mr. Mejias-Fire Department, Mr. Sasan-Water District

Second Batch of Speakers (sitting and standing with the corsage)
(From L-R) Ms. Jeanette-DepEd, Ms Theresa-, Ms Jenny-DepEd, Ms Marivic-DepEd, Ms Gorgie-Water District, Ms Belle-DepEd and Mr Codilla (standing with corsage)

The Research Format

Chapter 1


Rationale of the Study
Theoretical Background

Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study

Gathering Data
Treatment of Data
Scoring Procedures



08 March 2011


Regional Achievement Test scheduled today. It's quite a long sitting, standing, looking around day in a new environment while students are taking their significant part of today's big day. I was assigned in another school nearer to where I worked for. Whew! At least today I am free from a 45 minutes travel. The place where I am assigned is only about 15 minutes away by bus or jeepney.

The test is set into 8. Rows are set into 8 too. Each row have to take its own subject. It's nice because it's not that laboroius with regard to classroom management. I am very thankful that I was chosen to be one of the examineers because I accomplished something very important. I did it while proctoring the test.

After the exam, checking of the answer sheet was done. Then, counting the correct responses in every item. I am so thankful of these students because they helped me make it before the day ends.

06 March 2011


“Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they know to be right can not be done.” -Russel W. Davenport

This famous quote of Russell Wheeler Davenport above is quite thought provoking. At my first glance at this statement, I find it hard to get what he really wants to emphasize. Or maybe I was not focused on that time. But I had in mind the idea about progress. In my deep research, I found out that he is an American publisher. He was born in Bethlehem. Oh, it sounds interesting to know more about his biography. I just want to share this even if it not asked. I also knew that he is the son of the Bethlehem Steel vice president, Russell W. Davenport, Sr.

Every person’s attitude towards progress is different. There are some people who in one way or another thinks possibilities on how to be progressive even if they think it’s impossible. Some may think about progress but doesn't have the guts in pursuing it even in his own little way. Of course we need a group to be with in order to be progressive but there are times when chances are not crossing our way, so as what I have said, we can do it even in our own little way. For example at home, even how small is our area we have to think of ways on how to improve our surroundings. When people see it at least they can get an idea on how will they make it on their own too.

At work, like in my experience, I've been in the private institution for years where buildings are highly developed. When I stepped into the public school, at first I got a headache by looking at the 20 million dust around the classroom where I was assigned as the adviser. The old put ups are dusty, the walls have holes, the paint are fading with little mud on it. I never stopped thinking how to make it better. So together with the students we pulled out everything posted on the walls. We emptied the classroom and started a new beginning. Students opinion were gathered and materialize them. Well, it is not that beautiful but at least they were able to make modifications and have improved it.

The five year development plan that I have shown in the power point presentation during the seminar workshop, was just an honest opinion. There was a lot of dead spaces in the area that needs to be omitted. Though expensive but if we need progress, we can find ways on improving it. Whatever will be their reaction to it, at least I am able to share what I think is best for the area.


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, Nor the most intelligent, But the one most responsive to change." -Charles Darwin.

“Life is a constant change.” I can never forget this line from Jose Mari Chan’s song entitled Constant Change. Things change as it should. Feelings change, some of our plans changes, the climate of our very own country already changes, and even the zodiac changes. Whether we like it or not, everything in this world never stays the same. Even in simple things. It is not excuse for wherever change must hit.

But no matter what type of work you have now, the only key to improve is change. This saying is definitely true: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve already got. There will be no room for improvement to a person who is not open to changes. Because change is a stepping stone to live a better life.

If a person wants to survive in this fast changing world, I am pretty sure he will survive in his own way if he will wholeheartedly accept change. No matter how strong he is if he is not open to changes he will not survive nor succeed. Even intelligence, it cannot solely help an individual to survive not unless if he knows how to use his knowledge in dancing with the music that is in.

No matter what kind of change life has to offer, one must be able to weigh it up if it is for the good of all, then he can go with it. Anyway, nobody will propose any change if it is not for the betterment of the country and human race. I remember when the SEC 2010 that UBD (Understanding-by-design) was introduced. A lot of teachers reacted; a lot were against the idea. Well, maybe it was just an initial reaction. Later, they will love it when they are used to it. Being a new teacher in the public school, what I have to do is observe. That was before the seminar and its implementation. When I was sent to a seminar-workshop for the said curriculum, I was happy because I actually like it. I never thought that UBD simply means “learning-by-doing”. That is what we used to apply in our lesson when I was in the private school for eight years. Our students are also used to for a long time already. So, it isn’t new to me. Only it’s used term, UBD. J I understand it is not that easy to those who love the traditional way of teaching because they find it effective for years. Well, yes it was! Maybe 20 years ago. Where there were no cell phones, no internet, online games and social networking sites those students nowadays are fond of checking every now and then. The trend 20 years ago is already different from the trend we have now. So, it is but normal that the persons in authority have to brain storm as to what will be the effective way of catching students’ attention and impose whatever many people has approved.

For us to move forward, we must change. Change from good to better if not best.

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