06 March 2011


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, Nor the most intelligent, But the one most responsive to change." -Charles Darwin.

“Life is a constant change.” I can never forget this line from Jose Mari Chan’s song entitled Constant Change. Things change as it should. Feelings change, some of our plans changes, the climate of our very own country already changes, and even the zodiac changes. Whether we like it or not, everything in this world never stays the same. Even in simple things. It is not excuse for wherever change must hit.

But no matter what type of work you have now, the only key to improve is change. This saying is definitely true: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve already got. There will be no room for improvement to a person who is not open to changes. Because change is a stepping stone to live a better life.

If a person wants to survive in this fast changing world, I am pretty sure he will survive in his own way if he will wholeheartedly accept change. No matter how strong he is if he is not open to changes he will not survive nor succeed. Even intelligence, it cannot solely help an individual to survive not unless if he knows how to use his knowledge in dancing with the music that is in.

No matter what kind of change life has to offer, one must be able to weigh it up if it is for the good of all, then he can go with it. Anyway, nobody will propose any change if it is not for the betterment of the country and human race. I remember when the SEC 2010 that UBD (Understanding-by-design) was introduced. A lot of teachers reacted; a lot were against the idea. Well, maybe it was just an initial reaction. Later, they will love it when they are used to it. Being a new teacher in the public school, what I have to do is observe. That was before the seminar and its implementation. When I was sent to a seminar-workshop for the said curriculum, I was happy because I actually like it. I never thought that UBD simply means “learning-by-doing”. That is what we used to apply in our lesson when I was in the private school for eight years. Our students are also used to for a long time already. So, it isn’t new to me. Only it’s used term, UBD. J I understand it is not that easy to those who love the traditional way of teaching because they find it effective for years. Well, yes it was! Maybe 20 years ago. Where there were no cell phones, no internet, online games and social networking sites those students nowadays are fond of checking every now and then. The trend 20 years ago is already different from the trend we have now. So, it is but normal that the persons in authority have to brain storm as to what will be the effective way of catching students’ attention and impose whatever many people has approved.

For us to move forward, we must change. Change from good to better if not best.

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