27 March 2011

Blue Rubberized Print

It's been 4 years when a friend Ayen had her section's shirts printed. That was pink printed with wet look navy blue textile paint. As I remember I was the one who made decided the design.

Now it's still blue, it's an emboss paint, royal blue. But this time in white shirt. This is for the special science class in their school. I hope she'll like it. It will be delivered tomorrow thru 2GO.

I'm linking this with BLUE MONDAY. A meme that I missed for several Mondays already. March is indeed a busy day for me. There are a lot of forms to accomplish before the school year ends.


  1. Nice blue printed shirt..Happy blue Monday,

  2. Your other link is deleted now; thanks for telling me.

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Belle.

  3. love that bright blue perfect for advertising


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