06 March 2011


“Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they know to be right can not be done.” -Russel W. Davenport

This famous quote of Russell Wheeler Davenport above is quite thought provoking. At my first glance at this statement, I find it hard to get what he really wants to emphasize. Or maybe I was not focused on that time. But I had in mind the idea about progress. In my deep research, I found out that he is an American publisher. He was born in Bethlehem. Oh, it sounds interesting to know more about his biography. I just want to share this even if it not asked. I also knew that he is the son of the Bethlehem Steel vice president, Russell W. Davenport, Sr.

Every person’s attitude towards progress is different. There are some people who in one way or another thinks possibilities on how to be progressive even if they think it’s impossible. Some may think about progress but doesn't have the guts in pursuing it even in his own little way. Of course we need a group to be with in order to be progressive but there are times when chances are not crossing our way, so as what I have said, we can do it even in our own little way. For example at home, even how small is our area we have to think of ways on how to improve our surroundings. When people see it at least they can get an idea on how will they make it on their own too.

At work, like in my experience, I've been in the private institution for years where buildings are highly developed. When I stepped into the public school, at first I got a headache by looking at the 20 million dust around the classroom where I was assigned as the adviser. The old put ups are dusty, the walls have holes, the paint are fading with little mud on it. I never stopped thinking how to make it better. So together with the students we pulled out everything posted on the walls. We emptied the classroom and started a new beginning. Students opinion were gathered and materialize them. Well, it is not that beautiful but at least they were able to make modifications and have improved it.

The five year development plan that I have shown in the power point presentation during the seminar workshop, was just an honest opinion. There was a lot of dead spaces in the area that needs to be omitted. Though expensive but if we need progress, we can find ways on improving it. Whatever will be their reaction to it, at least I am able to share what I think is best for the area.

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