12 August 2009

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04 August 2009

How to start a blog?

It takes weeks in searching for the right answer of this question. Even google supplies all the information it can give. And yet I wasn't able to find one exactly. I thought it was just as learning a,b,c but I was wrong. Rather it is somewhat like learning how to walk before we run. It's hard to attain what we wish to happen in our blog without someone to guide in this adventure. Well as what I have read "no great things happen overnight". And it takes patience, sacrifice and even perseverance to succeed.

A person of few words and more in action best describes me. If blogging is about writing an article, will I be able to make it? We'll see :-) And if you wanna know, you can also take this journey with me.

Moreover, I made this simple blog to express my deepest gratitude to the following who helped me start this techy thing. Their names and contributions are as follows.

Meet my mentors.

Rayman Abiva (Lapu-lapu City, Philippines)
*html codes, blogger layout, adsense set-up, feed burner registration, google analytics and for the patience.

Varun Sharma (India)
*html codes and some earning sites which I am going to share in my blog soon.

Anuradha Agarwal (India)
*adsense tools and blogging tips

Peter Van Nieuwenhoven (Holland)
*Blogging tips and a lot of affiliate marketing information which I am going to post here too.

Jerby Amasa (Cebu City)
*Print screen ! The simple yet I never know about it.

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