29 June 2010

Is Time Too Fast or Am I Just Slow?

Life is like a butterfly. It goes up and down. Sometimes it is just right there, taking a rest from his day to day life. :-)

Here now relaxing and watching some photos of my relatives in facebook. This picture was from one of my nieces album.

I failed to post on my Memes on Thursday, Friday, and on Monday :-( I was very busy last week.

26 June 2010

2010 Curriculum

According to Pearl Bailey an American actress and singer, "We must change in order to survive." I thought of posting this to express my positive feelings towards the 2010 curriculum which is commonly called UbD which means Understanding by Design. In this curriculum, the backward style of teaching has been introduced to be used starting this year due to the demands of time. If we will observe constantly, all things take place by change. So, if we will not upgrade or make some innovations in teaching, we will be left behind. That is why we need to run after the fast changing world. In order for our products(the students) to be competitive also.

Last June 23-25, 2010, the division of Toledo City held a Mass Training to all First Year teachers on the New Curriculum of 2010 wherein UbD or Understanding by Design has been given importance to. The TLE area was assigned at Toledo National Vocational School(my Alma mater). Though we were grouped in one classroom, subgroups has been created and I was with the ICT group since I am handling ICT I at Don Andres Soriano National High School. (Huhuhu Goodbye Drafting, lol! But whatever it takes I'll finish my Master's Degree major in Drafting. Kung kakayanin, lol. Tagalog :-) because I am also teaching Filipino. Versatile? Hmm just kidding, grabeh ang hirap pagsamasamahin ng mga salitang ugat.)

The facilitators who handled us were the teachers sent to the seminar at ECO-TECH on June 11-13, 2010. They were only few because it is very costly if all teachers in every division will be joining. So they just have to re-echo the ideas transmitted in their thoughts. They explained to us what is UBD, it's meaning, it's purpose and the how's of it's implementation. Mr. Siegfredo Hernando the TLE supervisor of Toledo City division was also with us and shared his expertise in the said program. After their talk, we were made to formulate some outputs. And one of the most unforgettable experiences I had was when I make and presented to the group a sample of the three stages of the design. In addition, PEC (Personal Entrepreneurial Competency) should also be integrated in every topic of any TLE subject offered in the school.

Well, if I am going to recall my years of stay at Consolatrix College, the said method of teaching has been my daily partner. It is very similar to this new method. And it is always good to hear students' ideas. And aside from that, the burden is less and more learning is imprinted in the minds of the students compared to the traditional teaching where the teacher talks almost in the whole period. I didn't say traditional teaching isn't good but of course it was! Good for the olden days when there was no cellphone, internet, computer and etc. As what my former colleague posted on the wall of her classroom that goes, "Tell Me and I forget, Teach Me and I Remember, Involve Me and I Learn." This quote is very common. When I was in the private school, I often hear this when annual seminars are conducted.

I could not forget my Grade1 teacher Mrs. Lina Cabantan at South City Central School way back school year 1983-1984. I was five when I was accepted in her class as a visitor since there was no formal Preparatory and Kindergarten years during the time. But I am proud to tell you that she made us all read before the school year ends. In fact, including myself(a visitor) was also promoted to Grade 2. As grader don't know yet what strategy did she used but the most important thing to me was the transfer of learning. Well, maybe because I am one of the fast learners, lol :-))

25 June 2010

Blue Sky

Yesterday, I was trying to capture a sky photo for LSF when I was behind the tinted glass inside our cafe. Suddenly, these kids passed by and I decided to include them in the picture. I bet these children escaped from DSWD.


20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Made this e-card to all daddys out there, happy father's day!

To my father who is now in heaven happy father's day too. Even if you are not with us anymore, we never lost you Papa because thoughts of you and the values in life you taught remains in our hearts.

19 June 2010

Golden Wedding

On May 27, 2010 my Uncle and her loving wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at Hilongos, Leyte.
At the back -from left to right are my late father's only sister and 3 brothers.
In-front -My Lola Upeng (she's 95) and my Uncle's wife beside her.

I turned my back when this picture was taken because I just wanted to keep my tears from falling. Wish my Papa Tony was with them but he is already with God. I was 18 when I lost him. Now 33 and still emotional when things that reminds me of him happen.

It's me above doing the water melon fruit carving. I was trying to make a fruit basket. :-)

My little sister Sal (in white) and Aunt Lucille (dad's only sister) made the cake. They brought this cake all the way from Mindanao and Sal just added the icing when they arrived at Hilongos, Leyte..


18 June 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday 5

A pose at Sentosa. She had her On-the-Job training in Hotel and Restaurant Manangement (HRM) at Sentosa Resort, Singapore.

On one of her holidays. I am also glad the weather was good because she was able to unwind.


14 June 2010

Pilipinas Got Talent -Markki Stroem

Pilipinas Got Talent Finals on June 12, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum.

In this picture --Markki Stroem with the saxophone and my brother in white gown. He was one of Markki's back up singers. They (Jose Rizal University Chorale) did their part when Markki played the saxophone. I wasn't able to witness it on T.V. but I have seen their performance on youtube (
youtube video below). Wow! It was indeed a great performance. Congratulations Markki and JRU Chorale for a job well done.

12 June 2010

112th Philippine Independence and 3rd Hinulawan Festival

American Recognition on Independence - July 4, 1946

Philippine Declaration on Independence - June 12, 1898

But our City is not only celebrating independence day but also our City fiesta. One of the highlights of the event is the Hinulawan Festival. Hinulawan is taken from the two Cebuano words hinagoang bulawan.

There are four basic steps in hinulawan festival and these are the four golden features of the City.

1. Bulawanong Paghinigalaay (Golden Friendship)
2. Bulawanong Pagtoo (Golden Faith)
3. Bulawanong Bahandi (Golden Treasure)
4. Bulawanong Ani (Golden Harvest)

The Festival King (Justine Orville Ian Blanco) and Queen (Jillian Monikah Tatad) during the street dancing.

A pose with the dancers (our former students) before street dancing has started.

Click the image to enlarge.
Consolatrix College contingent in their blue and yellow costume. The following awards they got are as follows --
  • Hinulawan Festival Grand Champion 2010
  • Best in Costume
  • Best in Costume for the Festival King and Queen
  • Most Decorated Audio Float
  • Festival King and Queen
  • Best in Street Dancing
  • Best in Ritual Showdown
  • Best in Costume Festival King and Queen

The guest Gerald Anderson (2008 PBB: Teen Edition) was also one of the highlights of the said event. A lot of people wants to go near him as he offers a song to them.

This is my entry for
Mellow Yellow Monday
and Blue Monday.

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10 June 2010

Hinulawan Festival T-shirt Design

This design was made because it is needed. The first one was actually exclusive for us only-- former colleagues at Consolatrix College of Toledo City. Each of us is taking our own path, different and far from one another but despite of that we still treasure each others friendship.

Now everyone who would like to have one can have it with the new design. :-) It is also simple like the first one. And if you have noticed the design looks similar but not the color. I used luminous blue and silver here.

Some of my friends already made an order of this design. Most of the colors they choose is white which I recommend also. Husbands and wives of our former colleagues liked it as well.

Aside from that, friends of friends are also welcome to purchase. Each costs 150 Php. The t-shirt brand is Gransler in different sizes. It's fabric is soft and cool when worn.

Looking at the Sky on Friday 4

Joining this meme means making a habit of looking up and see the beautiful sky above. Every time I look up, I usually try to spot the great blend of clouds and sky and take-a-pic.

Taken at Toledo City terminal. I was inside a v-hire bound for Cebu City when this beautiful blend of white and blue caught my attention. I did not waste time and take a picture of the clear blue sky in a hot and sunny day.

This is my entry for the "Looking at the Sky on Friday Meme."

It's All About PINK!


Just noticed this morning that most of my stuffs are PINK. My new Louis Vuitton bag that I bought for only 100 pesos at the fiesta bazaar. The bigger cellphone case is for my bigger phone and the crocheted pink beside it is also for my other cellphone. And inside the pink vanity kit are my Herbench cologne from Bench that comes in a transparent bottle with pink cover. There is also the pink Ever Belina magic lipstick, pink lip liner from AVON and the pink toothbrush. The circle one is NICHIDO cheek cream. I am also dressed like a pink panther today but I wasn't able to have my self picture.

08 June 2010

Black and White Finish Product

The finish product of the design posted recently entitled Black and White.
Here I removed the text "The Reunion" because I was in a hurry and the little texts are quite laborious. I need to get things done before I will leave for the 4-day seminar.

Here are the ready for pick-up garments.

07 June 2010

Perfect for Our Small Living Room

Lately, I've been searching and lay outing a design for our small living room. There are a lot of sites sharing things like what I have found (see image below). I am always thankful to those who unconditionally share their knowledge online.

You can click the image if you want to read more of this site.

The total floor area of our house is only 25 sq. m. It was built when I was single. The size is obviously good for one person only, hehehe. But, I was not alone during that time because kids in the neighborhood namely Catthy, Jelive and Mary Rose were with me. After class they usually go to the house and help me in the household chores then we eat together. Before going to bed they make their assignments and I do my lesson plan for the following day. Life was simple yet has a lot of fun. Maybe because they enjoy each others company too as I also enjoy listening to their innocent chikka.

When I get married, we improve the house little by little. The first few things we worked for is the small extension of the kitchen and interior design of the house. We have decided to take priority for the living area as of the moment. The floor area of the living room is only about 6.6 sq. m. it's too cute. The above design will help help us make it.

Mellow Yellow Monday 3

Ang Bahay Ni Kuya

At Pinoy Big Brother house of ABS-CBN. It's my brother at the left side. I'm not sure what he's doing here but I guess it is in relation to his hobby which is singing because he is wearing his Jose Rizal University Chorale t-shirt.

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Blue Monday 3

A Bird

A bird came down the walk,
He did not know I saw;
He bit an angleworm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw.
And then he drank a dew
From a convenient grass,
And then hopped sidewise to the wall
To let a beetle pass.

by: Emily Dickinson

05 June 2010

On the Big Stones

Scenic Sunday 2
At Camiguin. While watching the white beach/white island. It's above his head and it is very small.

Scenic Sunday

Black and White

Recently, I posted a design for our t-shirt this coming June 12, 2010 but I changed it. See above, it's the new one and it's final. :-) It is Independence Day in the Philippines and in that day is also our City fiesta. Hinulawan festival is also scheduled in that day. I'm excited! This will be the third Hinulawan Festival contest here in our City.

As you can see, there is a text below that says "The Reunion." I include it in the design since we (xcons) or former colleagues will meet again on the said event.

04 June 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday 3

Villa Teresita, Talisay Cebu, Philippines
Thankful to the good weather because we enjoyed a lot here. You can see it in the sky. :-) B ut I wasn't able to take a slide since it was opened when we were about to go home.
It's indeed a nice place to relax. Kids were enjoying a lot here too.

03 June 2010

A Circle of Pink


During our batch reunion. Kids of our batch mates were there too and I'm sure they enjoy a lot swimming in the pool.

02 June 2010

Salt Water Fish

The Lagoon at Camiguin.
Watery Wednesday #1

If you give a person a fish, they'll fish for a day. But if you train a person to fish, they'll fish for a lifetime.
Dan Quayle

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