19 June 2010

Golden Wedding

On May 27, 2010 my Uncle and her loving wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at Hilongos, Leyte.
At the back -from left to right are my late father's only sister and 3 brothers.
In-front -My Lola Upeng (she's 95) and my Uncle's wife beside her.

I turned my back when this picture was taken because I just wanted to keep my tears from falling. Wish my Papa Tony was with them but he is already with God. I was 18 when I lost him. Now 33 and still emotional when things that reminds me of him happen.

It's me above doing the water melon fruit carving. I was trying to make a fruit basket. :-)

My little sister Sal (in white) and Aunt Lucille (dad's only sister) made the cake. They brought this cake all the way from Mindanao and Sal just added the icing when they arrived at Hilongos, Leyte..



  1. Wow! thanks for sharing this touching story. Nice post.

    My yellow is posted. Have a great week ahead.

  2. Oh, what a lovely celebration and I really like that golden gown it is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this special occasion with us.

  3. hey sis, I'm from Leyte too, just another town. hehehe.
    This must a yummy day I assume.
    God bless. I still have my dad but lost my mom when I was almost a year older.
    But still God still good.

  4. It's nice to know we're kababayan pala. I was actually born in Hilongos, Leyte but we move here in Cebu when I was 4. But we went there occasionally.


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