07 June 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday 3

Ang Bahay Ni Kuya

At Pinoy Big Brother house of ABS-CBN. It's my brother at the left side. I'm not sure what he's doing here but I guess it is in relation to his hobby which is singing because he is wearing his Jose Rizal University Chorale t-shirt.

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  1. Very nice shot. I love the contrast with the blue and yellow colors and they just mesh so well.

  2. Very cool. I like the colors. Your brother in the front adds a nice touch. :)

  3. Yellow na yellow nice and pose..ehe

  4. Ay ang bahay ni Kuya ^_^. I like the color bonga! Happy Monday!

    MYM~Asiatic Lily

  5. Great pose and photo! Happy MYM!

  6. Nice photo!

    If your interested check out my new photo challenge website, www.weekdayphotos.com.
    A new photo challenge evey week, check it out...its abit different from the others.

    have a good one!

  7. very nice pose sis! hehehe! love the shot with PBB house..

  8. Amy Balares-TuveraJuly 26, 2010 at 7:09 AM

    Well, very nice color combination! Hey bro... ah maybe he's just looking up to see his dreams... Go bro!


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