10 June 2010

It's All About PINK!


Just noticed this morning that most of my stuffs are PINK. My new Louis Vuitton bag that I bought for only 100 pesos at the fiesta bazaar. The bigger cellphone case is for my bigger phone and the crocheted pink beside it is also for my other cellphone. And inside the pink vanity kit are my Herbench cologne from Bench that comes in a transparent bottle with pink cover. There is also the pink Ever Belina magic lipstick, pink lip liner from AVON and the pink toothbrush. The circle one is NICHIDO cheek cream. I am also dressed like a pink panther today but I wasn't able to have my self picture.


  1. i just love your pinky stuffs sis! ang cute! mahilig pud diay ka ug pink... hehehe!

  2. wow! i soooo love it, its all PINK, ang cute ng LV bag and and wow its so cheap...

    Thanks for joining I love Pink:-)

  3. wow, your a pink girl din sis.. I love you Louis Vitton bag.. ang mura nga san mo nabili yan?hehehe!


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