12 June 2010

112th Philippine Independence and 3rd Hinulawan Festival

American Recognition on Independence - July 4, 1946

Philippine Declaration on Independence - June 12, 1898

But our City is not only celebrating independence day but also our City fiesta. One of the highlights of the event is the Hinulawan Festival. Hinulawan is taken from the two Cebuano words hinagoang bulawan.

There are four basic steps in hinulawan festival and these are the four golden features of the City.

1. Bulawanong Paghinigalaay (Golden Friendship)
2. Bulawanong Pagtoo (Golden Faith)
3. Bulawanong Bahandi (Golden Treasure)
4. Bulawanong Ani (Golden Harvest)

The Festival King (Justine Orville Ian Blanco) and Queen (Jillian Monikah Tatad) during the street dancing.

A pose with the dancers (our former students) before street dancing has started.

Click the image to enlarge.
Consolatrix College contingent in their blue and yellow costume. The following awards they got are as follows --
  • Hinulawan Festival Grand Champion 2010
  • Best in Costume
  • Best in Costume for the Festival King and Queen
  • Most Decorated Audio Float
  • Festival King and Queen
  • Best in Street Dancing
  • Best in Ritual Showdown
  • Best in Costume Festival King and Queen

The guest Gerald Anderson (2008 PBB: Teen Edition) was also one of the highlights of the said event. A lot of people wants to go near him as he offers a song to them.

This is my entry for
Mellow Yellow Monday
and Blue Monday.

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  1. wow! they really had a very colorful costumes!you have a very nice captured photos here sis!

  2. An interesting post with lovely pictures.

  3. Wow, love the blues! Happy Independence Day! Happy Blue Monday, Belle.

  4. Oh wow I am amazed by the yellow costume, it's beautiful! Happy MYM!
    Cake & Cupcakes

  5. First, Happy Independence Day! Those costumes, especially the one on the queen is spectacular. Looks like a fantastic and fun celebration.

  6. Nakakamiss ang fiestahan hehehe. Great post.

    My MYM entry. Hope you can come by.

  7. What Great photos what terrific costumes,,,beautiful !!! HBM too
    Blessings and Hugs from Dena in Iowa


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