07 June 2010

Perfect for Our Small Living Room

Lately, I've been searching and lay outing a design for our small living room. There are a lot of sites sharing things like what I have found (see image below). I am always thankful to those who unconditionally share their knowledge online.

You can click the image if you want to read more of this site.

The total floor area of our house is only 25 sq. m. It was built when I was single. The size is obviously good for one person only, hehehe. But, I was not alone during that time because kids in the neighborhood namely Catthy, Jelive and Mary Rose were with me. After class they usually go to the house and help me in the household chores then we eat together. Before going to bed they make their assignments and I do my lesson plan for the following day. Life was simple yet has a lot of fun. Maybe because they enjoy each others company too as I also enjoy listening to their innocent chikka.

When I get married, we improve the house little by little. The first few things we worked for is the small extension of the kitchen and interior design of the house. We have decided to take priority for the living area as of the moment. The floor area of the living room is only about 6.6 sq. m. it's too cute. The above design will help help us make it.

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