10 June 2010

Hinulawan Festival T-shirt Design

This design was made because it is needed. The first one was actually exclusive for us only-- former colleagues at Consolatrix College of Toledo City. Each of us is taking our own path, different and far from one another but despite of that we still treasure each others friendship.

Now everyone who would like to have one can have it with the new design. :-) It is also simple like the first one. And if you have noticed the design looks similar but not the color. I used luminous blue and silver here.

Some of my friends already made an order of this design. Most of the colors they choose is white which I recommend also. Husbands and wives of our former colleagues liked it as well.

Aside from that, friends of friends are also welcome to purchase. Each costs 150 Php. The t-shirt brand is Gransler in different sizes. It's fabric is soft and cool when worn.

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