14 June 2013


Last school year was my first year in service at Don Andres Soriano National High School (a government school). The experience I had was quite different when I was still in Consolatrix College (a private sectarian school). I was about 8 years serving the school but moving on to another venture in life calls. March 31, 2009 was the effectivity of my resignation. I waited for about five months before I was hired. It was indeed a very memorable day for me, September 11, 2009. The day the HR have told me about the good news. On that day I also met the principal of the school where I will be serving. Briefing and orientation was done and I prepared all the things needed.

My first day was quite tough. My first observation was the students unlawful behavior. One section have really shown their unacceptable attitude. My first day was just a mere observation with a bit of my rules and regulations and classroom policies agreed by them.

I really couldn't help but compare this present situation from the past. From a sectarian school with respectful and friendly students to this undefined one. But I have no choice. I need to face the reality because this is what I dreamed of. To be in a government school.

Another adjustment I need to take is to wake up very early in the morning since I need to catch the bus at 6:30 A.M. of else I will be late. It takes 30 minutes from my place to the school. It is not that easy for me in the first few weeks since the usual was only an 8 minutes walk or 3 minutes ride by our motorcycle.

The picture above was taken in the bus on my way home. I was just struck by the print of this little guy's T-shirt that says , "It all starts with attitude."

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