26 June 2010

2010 Curriculum

According to Pearl Bailey an American actress and singer, "We must change in order to survive." I thought of posting this to express my positive feelings towards the 2010 curriculum which is commonly called UbD which means Understanding by Design. In this curriculum, the backward style of teaching has been introduced to be used starting this year due to the demands of time. If we will observe constantly, all things take place by change. So, if we will not upgrade or make some innovations in teaching, we will be left behind. That is why we need to run after the fast changing world. In order for our products(the students) to be competitive also.

Last June 23-25, 2010, the division of Toledo City held a Mass Training to all First Year teachers on the New Curriculum of 2010 wherein UbD or Understanding by Design has been given importance to. The TLE area was assigned at Toledo National Vocational School(my Alma mater). Though we were grouped in one classroom, subgroups has been created and I was with the ICT group since I am handling ICT I at Don Andres Soriano National High School. (Huhuhu Goodbye Drafting, lol! But whatever it takes I'll finish my Master's Degree major in Drafting. Kung kakayanin, lol. Tagalog :-) because I am also teaching Filipino. Versatile? Hmm just kidding, grabeh ang hirap pagsamasamahin ng mga salitang ugat.)

The facilitators who handled us were the teachers sent to the seminar at ECO-TECH on June 11-13, 2010. They were only few because it is very costly if all teachers in every division will be joining. So they just have to re-echo the ideas transmitted in their thoughts. They explained to us what is UBD, it's meaning, it's purpose and the how's of it's implementation. Mr. Siegfredo Hernando the TLE supervisor of Toledo City division was also with us and shared his expertise in the said program. After their talk, we were made to formulate some outputs. And one of the most unforgettable experiences I had was when I make and presented to the group a sample of the three stages of the design. In addition, PEC (Personal Entrepreneurial Competency) should also be integrated in every topic of any TLE subject offered in the school.

Well, if I am going to recall my years of stay at Consolatrix College, the said method of teaching has been my daily partner. It is very similar to this new method. And it is always good to hear students' ideas. And aside from that, the burden is less and more learning is imprinted in the minds of the students compared to the traditional teaching where the teacher talks almost in the whole period. I didn't say traditional teaching isn't good but of course it was! Good for the olden days when there was no cellphone, internet, computer and etc. As what my former colleague posted on the wall of her classroom that goes, "Tell Me and I forget, Teach Me and I Remember, Involve Me and I Learn." This quote is very common. When I was in the private school, I often hear this when annual seminars are conducted.

I could not forget my Grade1 teacher Mrs. Lina Cabantan at South City Central School way back school year 1983-1984. I was five when I was accepted in her class as a visitor since there was no formal Preparatory and Kindergarten years during the time. But I am proud to tell you that she made us all read before the school year ends. In fact, including myself(a visitor) was also promoted to Grade 2. As grader don't know yet what strategy did she used but the most important thing to me was the transfer of learning. Well, maybe because I am one of the fast learners, lol :-))

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