08 March 2011


Regional Achievement Test scheduled today. It's quite a long sitting, standing, looking around day in a new environment while students are taking their significant part of today's big day. I was assigned in another school nearer to where I worked for. Whew! At least today I am free from a 45 minutes travel. The place where I am assigned is only about 15 minutes away by bus or jeepney.

The test is set into 8. Rows are set into 8 too. Each row have to take its own subject. It's nice because it's not that laboroius with regard to classroom management. I am very thankful that I was chosen to be one of the examineers because I accomplished something very important. I did it while proctoring the test.

After the exam, checking of the answer sheet was done. Then, counting the correct responses in every item. I am so thankful of these students because they helped me make it before the day ends.


  1. Akala ko mouse hehe jk lang .. Lapit na vacation belle makakapag relax kana :)

  2. Hehehe d ko nagets kaagad Mona....Hahaha RAT nga pala ang title. Thank u for dropping by.


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