14 March 2011


After lunch yesterday, I relaxed for a while then go to sleep after few minutes. That was about 2 P.M. when I got to bed, leaving all the things that made me too tired for weeks. The deadline for those projects are near, I need to double time or else...

That was Sunday, but it was never a rest day for me. I just fall asleep to recharge. And promised to go back to work when conditioned to do things. I set my alarm at 3 P.M. I need to finish my research proposal then the reaction papers. One at a time mode. :-) I also have to finish the school layout plan in some other days this week. The alarm rings, I was still very sleepy. But because I need to stick to the plotted plan, I forced myself to rise and work for it. My eyes were not completely opened yet when I stood beside my body. I was beside my body! I saw my body left, lying on the bed. OMG! Am I dead or am I just dreaming? I lie again and were my body was. I slept again few minutes then tried to rise again looking at the bed, I can't really carry my body. So, I decided to sleep again. I woke up at 5 P. M. It's too late but at least I am full of energy.

It made me think many times, what if my soul did not return to my body? Where will I be this time? Why did it happen? Too many unanswered questions.


  1. i think i heard similar stories before.. they call it astral projection or something like that..

  2. Thank you for dropping by kim...I was really wondering how did it happen. If it was true or it's just a dream

  3. I research and read a brief description about astral projection...It is like OBE oran out-of-body-experience...that was really what I experienced!


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