21 August 2010

Drafting and Technology

The love to draw occurs when I was in early years of school. Then, developed when I was in high school where Trade Drawing subject was offered. After high school I took Architectural Drafting and get a bachelor's diploma after four years. My first on-the-job-training was on summer 1998 at RS and Sons Shipbuilders. Another venue for my OJT was on the first semester of school year 1998-1999 at Cebu 3rd Engineering Department and at TEC, Industries (furniture exporter) on the second semester. The experiences I have with them was short yet unforgettable. I learned a lot of things on those days but not with CAD.

CAD was introduced during college days but that was not widely used at that time in our school. I can still remember the first AutoCAD application we were able to use, it was AutoCAD version 1998. We only have one computer unit in our laboratory at that time. So, only one student can use it in a day. Our professor arranged it like alphabetical order so that he can easily monitor and make sure that everyone can experience computer drafting.

In the school year 2001-2009, I've been teaching drafting but the manual one. Well, I have mentioned about CAD to my students but they were not able to experience using it. It's not because, we do not have the computer nor the program but because it is integrated in their computer subject.

Recently, I am enrolling a master's degree major in Architectural Drafting. It doesn't matter if I am teaching Filipino subject when I first enrolled. That was last year. By hook or by crook I will finish the course whatever subject will be given to me. :-) This year, my subject load is Information and Communication Technology or ICT in first year and third year high school. Uhm, well, I love it! And I am actually very happy about it. But I still dream that someday I will be able to teach drafting so I can exercise and share my knowledge in AutoCAD before it gets obsolete.


  1. oh hi there, fellow drafter! im a drafter too...autocad din ang gamit, pero huma-high tech na ang mundo, meron nang mga archicad, revit, microstation at kung ano ano pa na hindi ko alam. nakakamiss tuloy ang tracing paper, lapis at t-square. :-D

  2. Heheh uu nga tama ka marikoy. Ang t-square kong 36" andito parin pero tinitingnan tingna ko nalang hehehe


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