07 May 2010

Sideways Smiley Face

Smiley Circles Filled Up Big Eyes Images

Emoticon. Sideways smiley face :-). This is commonly used in email, chat and even text messaging. A lot of people asked me about this already. When, why and how it was discovered. Well, anyway, they weren't that serious when they asked.. So I just forgot about it.

While having my blog-walking routine I come across to this site, layoutsparks.com. and was hypnotized by the beautiful wall of smileys. I simply copy the code and paste it here as instructed. When posting was done, I noticed that the smileys doesn't have the nose. Then I began to think about the question some people asked me about. Why, when and how it has been discovered.

Hmmm...With the right keyword, it is just google away. Crazy but true that I really look for the history of this 3-character emoticon. And in my deep research, I found out that the sideways smiley face was invented by a research professor in Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh, PA.

Here comes the history. By the early 80's, the Computer Science department at Carnegie Mellon was utilizing technology for their bulletin board. In fact, they were really making heavy use on it. Many of the posts were humorous (or attempted humor) but few of the readers failed to get the joke. Hence, various "joke markers" were suggested, and in the middle of their discussion Fahlman thought about the idea and suggested that a series of these three characters :-) can be a great solution. Then he also added the use of :-( (for serious matters or sad emotion.) It was caught on rapidly around the campus and spread to other colleges and universities.

Few months later, everyone begins to to see different faces of smiley. But :-) remains the original version of Scott.

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