07 May 2010


This morning my message inbox was bombarded with a lot of text messages about the sun. The sun? What happen to sun that I really need to stop and look at the sky? Hmm let me check!

When I went out, people were there too looking up the sky wearing their sun glasses. Others were taking pictures. That was quite hot and I just didn't bother staying outside for long. I went back to my desktop and continue blogging :-). But I got a photo from a friend who was able to capture it. The two images are both raw/unedited as what she said. What can you say about this photos?

What is this? Sun with a halo? A sun crowned with a rainbow? It's amazing! There are a lot of photos we can find in the internet too but this is different. Well I guess astronomers can answer people's question about this mystery that appeared in the sky of Toledo , Cebu City, Philippines today (May 7, 2010) and maybe in other Cities too or in the whole Philippines as well.

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