05 May 2010

Election Preparations

Kuya Kim holding the PCOS machine.

PCOS which means Precinct Count Optical Scan machines are now in the respective COMELEC offices around the country. Ang makinang bibilang ng boto sa halalan.

I just arrived from a short meeting in the voting area where I am assigned as a support staff this coming election. Some important points were stressed out by our supervisor who presided the meeting. That was a sort of review since the BEIs have had their training already. And briefing with the COMELEC was already done. The presider also announced the schedule of the mock election. It will be on May 8, 2010 instead of May 7 the first schedule.

While watching videos on PCOS demo I thought of writing a short diary about my experience today. Below is an instructional video I viewed earlier. It is from the file of "carloaccount" in youtube.

This is how the ballot looks like. The oval beside the name of their candidate will be shaded fully.

Part of the ballot.

If it is shaded like this it can't be counted. So, everyone must be careful in shading.

The egg shaped oval must be shaded fully in order to make it a valid vote as shown below.

Remember, you must keep your ballots clean. And don't over vote or else it will be considered invalid.

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