12 May 2010

Funny Lil Sis

I have seen this picture at my lil sis' college classmate's friendster account. I don't know what she's doing here or maybe just having fun with the cam.

She used to be my little sister who is now bigger than me. Her name is Sal.

Sal was 6 when Mama rests with the Lord and she was 7 when Papa died. My Aunt (papa's younger sister) somewhere in Lanao del Norte take care of her since Grade One up to College. We are super thankful to her as well as her whole family. She really is God's given instrument in replacement to our beloved parents.

Just this morning Sal arrived from Singapore in her 6 months On-the-Job-Training in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She had her OJT at Sentosa Island in SG with her classmates too.

Welcome home 'day :-)


  1. You are indeed the proud sister eyyy!
    God bless you and Sal.

  2. bongga ka shal!
    yah. that pic was taken at Budgetel (Cagayan de Oro) the nyt before our interview for Sentosa Hotel and Spa... she's really showing off her SUPERPOSE---S! hahaha and on the next pic she use our teacher's shoulderbag (w/c she ddn't know)and her belt covered inside that blue cloth... actually the sunglass shes wearing s also ownd by our teacher.


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