06 May 2010

Snow White (Oil on Canvass)

Yesterday I was sorting out things in my cabinet I found this painting that I've made last year. This is my first oil painting on canvass ever. A friend named Marvin Natural was the one who gave me the painting materials. He was my classmate in college who has the passion of letting the brush illustrate what his mind contains. I was inspired looking at his huge paintings . He has a lot in his home.

Hmmm...I remember, it was my students notebook where I copied this picture. And I wasn't able to finish it since I need to return it the following Monday. I did it on Saturday! Perfect ! That's Saturday. I also recall that in the following day there was a small insect who crawls along the wet paint from the blue paint down to the yellow skirt. If you notice the blue stain in her yellow skirt.

I thought of finishing this memorable painting. But how? Oh..oh..I am not sure if I can finish it without the guide. I could not perfectly decide what color will I use. Which of the available colors will best suit to her face and arms. And her eyes! I was able to consume all the donated black paint in the tube. Hmmmm...a little a time. I will do it! I can do it! Whenever it's done I promise to post it here for all of you.

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