11 May 2010


In front of my PC now, tired and don't exactly know what to do. I am still exhausted after serving the 2010 Philippine National Elections. That was almost 27 hours to get things done.

At 3am on May 10 we were already at the COMELEC to get the things needed for the election. We only have to get the ballot, ballot box and some stocks needed since PCOS machines were already kept in the school after the testing and sealing that was done on May 8, 2010.

Before the sun gets high we were already in the polling place ready to serve the 980 voters from 5 precincts that was clustered into one. I never thought it was as tough as it was. At first it runs smoothly but when a huge number of people attacked us and are all excited about the first automated election and the shading thingy, all of them wants to be first even though they were given priority numbers. I was disappointed actually of their violent reactions. Well it's part of the game and I could not blame them. Of course who would like them to wait for long? We are also trying our best just to cater them all. With the 5 precincts into one?

Anyway, there is always the first time. I hope that in the next automated election, the number of voter's in each polling place would be lessen.

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