12 May 2010

Election Day 2010

Scenes at 6:30 A.M. during the election day.
The picture above shows people who were looking for their names in the list. Following the instruction given by the BEI that each voter have to list down their precinct number and the sequence number for faster processing.

While they were still searching for their names, I already got my priority number. It's number 10! I was so glad since the first batch to vote will be 10 people and I was included.

At exactly 7 A.M. the voting has started. I wait for my turn patiently outside the polling place. I was last in the line of batch 1. When my number was called I then give my priority number, precinct number and

sequence number and I received my ballot. After few minutes I finished shading ovals for my choices completely. I was the fourth to feed ballot on the PCOS machine. It was fast and easy.

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