05 May 2010

Long Lost Friends

Dear readers, you might wonder why the title is "After 11 Years"? Hmmm actually, we (Rosiel, Andelyn and I) were classmates in college at Cebu State College of Science and Technology - Main Campus now CTU (Cebu Technological University). Andelyn (in red) and I (in violet) graduated in 1999 taking the diploma of BSIT major in Architectural Drafting. While Rosiel had her diploma in Architecture also but not in CSCST anymore because she transferred at Cebu Institute of Technology after second year.

We were the only female in the group of BSIT Section F. After that remarkable events in our lives, Ann and I separate ways for our chosen career. She works in a furniture company and I work as casual employee at the City Engineering Office of Toledo after graduation. After my contract, my Aunt suggested that it is also nice to take units in Education where I can be qualified to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Teacher! Teacher? Hmmm...that's a great idea but am I sure that I can make it? Standing in front...facing with students in different personalities and upbringing...I was not sure if I can really do it.

Days passed, time swift away, my career path changes! After those challenging days at CMTI for my education units, LET review at Sahara Hotel with professors from IIT, Iligan City and those boring days waiting for the LET result, I find myself walking along the corridor of Consolatrix College. It is a private school...the only private school in Toledo City where I worked as a Drafting teacher. That was in the year 2001.

On February 12, 2007 (8 years after graduation), I went to the City to meet an old friend and while I was on my way I met Ann! That was unexpected. She was going to attend a seminar on Immigration at the mall's conference hall. We just asked each others number and went off.

Ann and I see each other often during our free time. Rosiel became one of the topics in our conversations. Until such time when I checked facebook account, I tried to search Rosiel and there she was! I found here. Added her as my friend and in January 2010, we had a reunion. The three of us were reunited. :-)

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