25 May 2010

Flowers for their Golden Wedding Anniversary

This coming May 27, 2010 my late father's elder brother-my Uncle and his one and only wife will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Hilongos, Leyte.

My cousin called up this afternoon asking me to buy some yellow and white flowers here in Cebu for the said event. I was thinking what flowers would it be? For the bouquet, for the table and for the sides of the isle of the church. I made a deep research and gathered them here. :-)

source: http://api.ning.com/
Isn't it lovely? I love it for my Aunt's bouquet.

source: http://www.ftd.com/
This arrangement will be for the sides of the isle.

source: http://www.mollymalloys.com/
This arrangement can be used for the dining table. And I'll make baby version of this to save space.

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