12 May 2010

Testing and Sealing of the PCOS Machine

The PCOS machine. Taken on May 8, 2010 during the testing and sealing.

The testing was smooth and we never encounter any problem. There were 10 trial ballots distributed to the people who were present. They tried to make a little fold on the ballot and it was still accepted. Another voter shaded ovals more than the specified number of candidates and it was still accepted by the machine. But during the manual counting that we did to check if it will match the printed election returns, we have proven that over voting ballots will never be counted. We heard it in the news too. We also have one rejected ballot during the trial voting. That ballot was from a youth who just make a dot at the center of the oval, and all of us inside the polling place have proven it's result.

The picture below shows the printing of the E.R. in 8 copies both national and local results. It was fast and easy.

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