23 May 2010


Are you fond of using jejemon language like spelling and grammar? It has been featured in ABS-CBN news this evening about the rampant use of jejemon terms by young Filipinos. I do not use such style but I often received messages like jejeje.

The Department of Education is worried about this very common way of texting especially the young Filipinos. The secretary of education made mention that students must be discouraged in using jejemon terms. One reason is that it will deteriorate their language skills both Filipino and English.

1 comment:

  1. evrytime I got a text message like a jejemon it makes my day worst, but sometimes I'm playing to be like a jejemon. hahaha. pampainis lang sa iba at pambulabog. hihi :DD pero wala naman tayo magagawa sakanila. they didn't do anything about us, they just have this own style that we discriminate. ohweelll. that's life. hihihi ^^. I'm not a jejemon I'm an anti jejemon. hihi *piss ya jejemons out their :DD


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