10 September 2010

The Taxi Driver's Best Friend

Last month, I ride a taxi going to my destination. While on my way, I heard a plastic sound coming from the lower left side of the diver's seat. I look at the driver with a lot of questions on my mind. Maybe he was thinking too that I'm wondering what would that be. Then he said, it's a cat, our guard, our protector. He placed it inside a plastic and lose it when needed. I was astonished and ask why you are bringing him with you? Silence...

He was a retired policeman who just don't like to stay at home and wait for the day to end. He's not that old. So, he is driving a taxi. He used to have a firearm before and of course used to it. But not this time anymore because he is bringing with him his precious cat. I was curious why this cat? He said, his cat can protect him and his passengers from bad guys. He also mentioned that everyday after bath he is training this cat how to fight. When violent actions are seen by this cat, he will begin to fight.

Amazing but scary. Before I stepped down, he added, here's the water for my cat and also his food. I walked with a lot of questions in my mind. How does the cat looks like? How did he train his cat to that field? It seems like I was dreaming on that moment.

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