04 September 2010

Floor Plan for Small Areas

Since when I knew about house planning, it became a hobby. I always sketch for my dream house. When I was still in a boarding house, I already had a dream plan. It's floor area was about 100 sq. m. with preparation for 2nd floor. I never thought it was expensive. When the money allotted for the said project was on hand, I realized that my plan will not be realized due to high cost of construction materials.

It was revised. I had a pencil sketch on this, before I knew Computer Aided Drafting. It started with a 25 sq. m. floor area. The kitchen found at the right side was the added last. It is only 3.75 sq. m. which makes the floor area 28.75 sq. m.
Traffic is not only for the road and other ways but also inside the house. As you can see, even how small it is, the traffic pattern takes a smooth flow. If a person passes through the main door to the bedroom or to the t & b, he can not disturb the living area as well as the dining area. If one has to pass through the back door still both areas mentioned can never be disturbed.

I have been in the boarding house in about 7 years before its construction. My brothers and sisters in the other islands of the country sometimes visit. And I find it hard to accommodate them in my rented room. We sleep like fish in a can of sardines for how many times. It wasn't comfortable though. Now at least even if it is still small, it is spacious compared to my room in the boarding house.

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