07 September 2010

Increase Your Website Traffic

Connect with us at twiends and gain more traffic to your website, blog or any page you wish to promote.

Lately, I have found a site that helps drive more traffic to a website. It is not an auto-traffic but a manual one. You just have to register and add your URL in the websites section. Upon registering, you will receive an initial bonus credits of 20. Once you have added your link and your credits lowered, it means someone is visiting your website. You'll be happier if your credits will turn to zero. Because if it turns like that, meaning a lot of people have visited you instead. Actually, it goes like this, when you add your website, it is ready for viewing. The one who viewed your website will get 2 or 3 credits and those credits will be deducted from you. So, the scenario goes like give and take. Now, it is the time for you to act! List yourself at twiends. And gain more traffic without spending a penny but your little time.

Well, it's not that hard in earning credits. When you visit on each section namely:
TWITTER get followers, FACEBOOK get page likes, and WEBSITES get visitors, you will earn some credits you wish to have. Isn't it cool? Those were only simple things to do to gain more traffic and even a hundred of traffic after an hour.

here if you want the traffic for your site. It's all free.


  1. great infos here dear...thanks for sharing....I need this one kay wala nakoy visitors...ehehehe!

  2. salamat sa info sis ha! just like sis dhemz ako pud ako pud ni i try... hehehe!

  3. Forums,Blogs,Directory submissions ,Article writing all these are free methods these helps to increase traffic and page rank.But for keywords generation,you need to implement the paid SEO service.Visit the site www.tucktail.com get the seo service named as search engine visibility this promote site by submitting it Google and many other search engines ,Generate Keywords so that traffic increase,Backlinks increase,Soon you can earn good page rank for your sites.


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