22 October 2010

Let's Celebrate Halloween!

This figure will never be absent during this day. Some might wonder why this pumpkin? What is pumpkin? Now, let me tell a short description about this amazing gourd-like squash. It has a very thick shell on the outside. It has seeds in the inside.

Well, there a lot of figures that can be associated with this event. But I chose to share this one because most are scary...I might dream about them. :-) I can be strong in a lot of things that I need to fight for. But not with stuffs like horror. Even if I know it's not real.


  1. Hello Belle, pumpkin makes Fall season beautiful dahil sa color nila aside from the trees and also it's a way to make kids scared this halloween. Pero masarap ang pumpkin pie my hubby's favorite din. ^_^


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