17 October 2010

Being Optimistic

It's Thursday when she started typing her test questions which is to be submitted the next day. She thought it was easy. She started the job at 7:30 in the morning. Looking at her, I thought to myself that she must be learning how to walk before she run. I couldn't help because I'm having a class and I also have to do the same thing during my free time. Nobody cares to help because they're doing their own job too. All were running out of time!

It was 11:00 A.M. when someone noticed she's still in item number 2. Many were wondering why? Then, they knew that her finished 9 items were done but accidentally erased. I don't know what really happened because I was not around during the incident. Maybe retyping was her last resort. Well, for me it's okay as long as she learns from her mistake. It's the greatest wisdom she have acquired at that very moment.

It's late when we go home in the afternoon. She was happy that she was able to make up to item number 16. Take note, she started at 7:30 A.M. and at around 5:00 o'clock in the same day, only 16 items? But she just laugh and said, "I thought it was easy but I was terribly wrong!" :-)

The following day, she went in again and continue doing her unfinished job. And finally finished 50 items before sunset.

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