15 October 2010

First Time

Now handling a subject which is quite far from my specialization. Drafting to Computer in specific. It was quite tough in the beginning, its preparation seems too laborious. But with the help of the internet access, I can Google everything that I need.

Another challenge was assigned to me on Monday. I was asked to coach our contestant for the cocktail mixing contest. In the guidelines, it is said that we have to use the gin. We then look for an affordable ingredients. Meanwhile contestant suggested Million Dollar Cocktail. The ingredients were pineapple juice, gin, sweet vermouth, grenadine syrup, egg white and ice cubes.

Two days before the contest, we tried the recipe following the correct measurements. But all who tasted did not approved its taste as well as its appearance. A second try was done; same ingredients minus egg white. It was good and also the taste and the appearance as well. He garnish it with pineapple and cherry. Because we modify it, we name as "A Million Dollar Cocktail."

The result? Well, it's good enough! He won second place. Our glass was not appropriate. It was supposed to be a cocktail glass (champagne saucer) but we served it in a flute. It's the only available. :-)


  1. i wonder what is the taste of the million dollar coktail.. anyway? leaving here a comment! have a blessed sunday... halojin here..

  2. @Belle, hmmmppp... i'm still hoping to taste in ^^, GODBLESS you always Belle


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