21 October 2010

A Believe It or Not Story

His talent is amazing. In fact, a lot of people love him for that.

He's young and good looking. With his good voice and personality who would not like him anyway? He looks innocent on this picture. So admirable, isn't it?

Despite of the news about Justin Bieber's mysterious personality, I still like his RnB song entitled “Somebody To Love.” It’s quite hard for me to believe the allegations against him. But whichever is the reality, “One Less Lonely Girl” is still my number one.The music and the lyrics are both cool. I just hope everything that I have heard and read about him is not true. So that he will be able to continue to soar high with his gift of singing.


  1. favorite na favorite ng daughter ko song nya na Baby and keeps on saying its her fave song =)

  2. ako kay mutuo jud ko na siya to..


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