04 July 2010

Sad News

Yesterday, I received two sad news. First was the death of my former students' Mom/my former colleague's Aunt due to aneurysm. The other day my friend texted me informing that her Aunt was in ICU.

Second, was the road accident happened near our school in DAS, Lutopan, Toledo City, Cebu. Corominas bus lost its brake and hit the fence of a house along the road. It's the second accident on that area, the first was LG bus traveling from Cebu to Toledo some years ago. It is really an accident prone area. Many have said that the bus was overloaded with passengers. Well it's not new and it is too sad to know about that. Specially during Saturdays when a lot of people have to go home. I myself experienced riding an overloaded bus. And the last time I ride a bus feels like between life and death. There are a lot of curves on the way and it's not that easy to manage if the vehicle is overloaded. Bus drivers bound for Toledo, Pinamungahan, Balamban and the neighboring towns really have to follow rules given by the authorities. I feel very sad about the number of people who lost their lives due to the accident.

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