23 July 2010

Information and Communication Technology

Lately, I am spending almost 50% of my time doing research on the basics of Computer. It is because I am now handling ICT or Information and Communication Technology for first year high school students in our school. ICT is one of the specializations offered in T.L.E. or Technology and Livelihood Education. The subject seems interesting but I just need notes to start it correctly. I am not an IT grad nor an expert on Computer. But I am just a simple drafter both in manual and computer-aided one who is trying the best I have.

PECs or Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies has been our first topic. Since in the new Curriculum of 2010 (Secondary Education Curriculum) entrepreneurial skills of the students should be developed.

The following were the topics we were able to take up:

History of Computer
How Computers Work
Input Devices
Output Devices
Central Processing Unit
Storage Devices

God is so good because I have found a complete set of the needed references. That was given by my former colleague at Consolatrix College, Ma'am Amy Balverde. Those were the used books of her kids bought from Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. Thanks again Ma'am.

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