31 July 2010

It's All About Colors


Things I bought using my chalk allowance. I chose colored chalk to make my board colorful. Lol. Oil pastel is for my visual aids. There are times when I also need hard copy of my visual aids in power point. Could not live without a cutter on my case too. So, I include my favorite blue cutter.
Justify FullOn Thursday, I received my first full chalk allowance. Full because it was only a part of it last year. But I was able to buy a box of dustless chalk. Here below is a picture of what I bought last year. I doubt if I will be able to consume all these this year.

I chose dustless to protect my eyes from allergy. Way back school year 2001-2002, my eyes get irritated due to dust. The irritation was accompanied by redness on my eyes that made me feel so uncomfortable. But that didn't last for long because I see a doctor immediately. I went to Chong Hua Medical Arts and have my eyes checked by Dr. Lim (an eye specialist referred by my colleague). With the prescribed medicine the itch cease until it was totally cured.


  1. nice yellow entry sis! visiting you here too

  2. Thank you sis hehehe...Hasta chalk apil...Hehehe nalingaw ko ron nga weekend.

  3. I'm intrigued by your 'chalk allowance'! There must be a story behind it!

  4. Hi Rinky, heheheh actually we have an annual allowance for chalk, but that doesn't mean it is for chalk alone but also for other supplies we need in teaching.

  5. I love colored chalks :-) I bought a box for my kids and last weekend, hindi umuulan, ginamit nila sa paggawa ng larong Piko :-)

    Mellow Yellow

  6. Good thing they've made dustless chalk now unlike before we could inhale the dust every time the teacher erases the board hehe.

    Blueberry Lane


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