31 July 2010

Hair and Make-up Contest

Jason Cantal, my student in second year Cattleya joined in hair and make-up contest on July 30, 2010 in our school. Her model is her classmate Joemie An. He uses cosmetics like Avon products for the cheeks, Maybelline for the eyes, Loreal for the cheeks, and Max Factor cosmetics for her. He also provided her with a black cocktail dress.

I asked her for a pose and she made it perfectly.

While waiting for the result, he asked for a shot with her model after the actual contest.

(From left to right) A parent, the coordinator-Mrs. Imelda Almiran, the 3rd placer (first pair), the second placer (second pair), and the winner (last pair) -Jason with Joemie An. What a pose Jason!


  1. beautiful job! Beautiful model and a great take on this week's theme.

  2. nice job! ako pud gusto pud ko magpa make up sa imong student sis... hehehe

  3. Heheheh practice2x pa na ang bayot sis..Pero in fainess murag naay potential.


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