31 July 2010

Nutrition Month Culmination Program

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Nutrition Month usually falls on July in the Philippines. Since July 30 is Friday, the culmination was done on that day in DASNHS. The contests were scheduled in the morning and some remaining categories in the afternoon.

Before the program has started, we prepare the stage for the afternoon's activity. Since, my students in ICT are first years, I didn't bother to ask for their assistance in putting up the curtain because they are still very young for this. Meanwhile, one student from the Civil Technology asked me about the decoration for his group is already in the stage waiting for me. Their teacher asked them to help me too. I'm so glad they offered their helping hands.

Here are some of their pictures while working.

Their faces right after putting up the letters. We finished this at exactly 12:00 noon. I asked them to pose for a while...for documentation purposes and for my blog of course, hehe :-))
I missed something in this activity. I forgot to ask their names, lol. Some faces were familiar but there were some whom I just see. The school is too big for me to familiarize all students actually. Another reason is, I am new in the school and I am only handling about 200 students last year and 200 students this year OVER 2,000 students (the total school population). Our school has the biggest population in the entire division of Toledo City. One big happy family :-)


  1. I loved it when I worked with high school students.

    Happy Blue Monday, Belle.

  2. Working as a team on any project is a nice way to get a job done. Just the right touch of blue as well.

  3. Oh yeah it's Nutrition month na pala. Happy Monday!

    Blueberry Lane

  4. Thank you so mush for your comments! It really makes me feel loved by my viewers. Heheh


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