16 January 2011

The Serpent-bearer

Normally, it's hard to let go of someone who became part your life for quite a long time. Especially if you are already get used to it and you have learned to love it wholeheartedly.

But in this world, nothing stays the same all through out the ages. There maybe changes one has to encounter. And usually, change is accompanied with pain. But if we have to consider this "Constant Change," we may be able to realize that everything in this world is indespensable. Though letting go of those that are no longer ours leave mark, we still have to untie it so that we may be able to accept the new sistuation life has to offer. Charr lang!!!! :-)

Goodbye Sagittarius! Hello Ophiuchus!

Ophiuchus-according to wikipedia, it is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. It's name is Greek for serpent-bearer, and it is commonly represented by a man holding a snake that is represented by a constellation Serpens.

But why the serpent? In my entire existence in this changing world, I am always afraid of it. Huhuhuh

You may want to see your new zodiac in this link.

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