17 January 2011

Blue Monday

Blue tiles, blue cap, blue shorts, blue pipe under the lavatory and a blue jacket hanging on the wall. A perfect entry for:


  1. Good blues.

    I fixed your defective link.

    Happy Blue Monday, Belle.

  2. Lots of blue there, happy Blue Monday!

  3. A lot of blue for a working man. Trust he feels like seeing the blues instead of having a hard time.

  4. Man at work. Later, bring him some food, after hours of good work. :)

  5. @amiable:it's already done...lavatory na sa school...Finally, we already have water pipe line.For how many years they only depend on the rain water.One year experience lang hinuon nako. If there's no rain, there's no water in our tanks.

    @all: Thank you for your comments!


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