27 January 2011

Looking up

Looking at the sky on Friday. A come back post. it's been a busy year for the 5 subject loads with 4 preparations. All subjects are new so it means all start in a laborious beginning. I am talking about my career here. :-) But aside from the hectic schedule, I still find time for my e-hobbies. And one of those is posting Friday photo. Though I miss a lot of things, still it can never stop me from coming back here. Actually,I have more sky photos in my phone cam, but I just can't upload it due to viral infection. Lol. Uhmm, I need to install an anti-virus that can fight against these viruses.

Well, anyway, this photo was taken last December during the Christmas vacation. It's in a hidden resort located at Lamac, Pinamungahan, Cebu, Philippines. The place is quite relaxing. We usually visit here during vacation or holiday.

Here are some of the pictures inside the resort.

Going home.

Sis in her wacky pose.

It's me looking down after looking at the sky. lol



  1. wow, ganda ng place sorry belle ngayn lng napadaan busy s akin second blog hope you can pala Real PINAY Blogger
    btw, from cebu kba? next month bka visit namin :)

  2. hi there... wala pa ko kaanha diha... maski 10 years ko sa cebu, i haven't been to pinamungahan. kutob ra jud ko sa liloan cebu...hehehe...

    by the way, hope you can also visit and add my new blog:

  3. Ganda naman dito. Di ba mahal? Happy weekend!
    Tortang Talong

  4. Hindi affordable lang.
    50 pesos ang entrance fee..
    50 swimming pool..
    They are serving value meals too..
    Corkage fee for foods brought outside..
    Free cottage, gazebo style..
    But if you are going to stay overnight, you can rent a room 1000 pesos ang good for two. But there is a family room too, yun ang d ko alam :-)


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