01 February 2011

It's Tuesday!!!

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  1. Ruby toenails! Stunning!


    Tonight, my dear, I’m seeing red—
    Or is it puce or rose?
    Whatever’s going round my head
    Is tingling all my toes.

    My heart, my dear, becomes inflamed
    With passion sore ablaze;
    Perhaps it is because I miss
    Your glowing, crimson gaze.

    Whate’er the cause, my face is flushed
    Like a ripened cherry,
    No longer healthy, but inflamed—
    See the vessels serry*?

    A certain sanguine aftertaste
    Is clinging to my tongue,
    For I have kissed your ruby lips—
    To which the claret clung.

    *serry – (archaic) to crowd closely together

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lady in Red

  2. Hala red talaga eh heheh ... Nice entry for ruby tuesday. My entry is in my second blog :)

  3. That's awesome red color for toenails!

  4. Very sweet poem my teacher.... :-)
    Mona, hehehe uu nga eh, pang valentines day hahah
    Icy BC, thank you so much for dropping awesome appreciation.

  5. nice entry for ruby tuesday belle.. Thanks for the drop in my page :) anyway? Belle? I no longer use halojin.blogspot.com... Hope you change my link in your roll into halojin.com.. Thanks! I will add you on my blog roll too.

  6. wow valentine na valentine na talaga!!


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